Now hear the challenges of the Christ of Elqui:
raise your hands if you think you’re brave enough
if there’s anybody who dares
to drink a cup of holy water
if anybody has the guts
to take communion without confession
if there’s anybody brave enough
to smoke a cigarette on his knees
chickens! spineless yellowbellies!
I’ll bet not one of you has the guts
to yank a page out of the Holy Bible
when you run out of toilet paper
See? See? I’ll bet nobody would dare
to go up and spit on the Chilean flag
you’d have to spit on my dead body first
and I’ll bet my head
that nobody would laugh the way I would
while being tortured by the Philistines.    

en: Sermons and homilies of the Christ of Elqui . English translation by Sandra Reyes ; with a foreword by Miller Williams. Columbia, University of Missouri Press, 1984. 105 p


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